Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Vision:

Be a market leading lighting supplier on our journey towards a transition to a sustainable, zero waste, circular economy.

Sustainability Mission:

Promote the most efficient and effective lighting products on the market in order to provide a comprehensive range of sustainable lighting solutions to our customers because MHL understands that saving energy also means fewer GHG emissions.

Statement of intent:

At MHL we are passionate about delivering effective, efficient and sustainable lighting solutions for commercial, public and private spaces with a high level of quality and professionalism.

We only work with products you can trust with leading-edge technical performance that stand the test of time. MHL’s team strives hard to bring you the most up-to-date technologies and design concepts from around the world in a sustainable way. We are committed to understanding and managing the environmental, economic and social impacts of our operations, including those from the procurement of goods and services.

Ensuring sustainability is embedded across every function, including procurement, is essential to our goal of making a lasting measurable sustainable contribution to Aotearoa. This policy explains how MHL will integrate environmental and social considerations into our procurement, policies and practices. We recognise that improving our sustainability performance is an ongoing, continuous process and that our suppliers, both large and small, are important partners in our journey to become more sustainable.

Our aims and objectives are to:

  • Minimise our environmental impact and deliver community benefits through better selection and improved usage of products and services
  • Foster innovation in our supply chain to increase the availability and effectiveness of sustainable lighting solutions that meet our organisational requirements and those of our clients
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt practices that minimise their environmental impact and deliver community benefits in relation to their own operations and throughout the supply chains in which they operate
  • Work in partnership with customers and suppliers to achieve our common goals and continually improve sustainability performance over time
  • Support MHL’s strategic direction and other relevant sustainability policies

MHL Working Principles:

We believe in building personal relationships with our clients, making the process easy and efficient, while enjoying a few laughs along the way. Lighting is no one-size-fits-all business and each project we undertake is unique. Our approach to sustainability will be customer focused and client led but will adhere to our sustainability principles:

  • Our main focus will be on applications which have the largest environmental/social impacts and/or sustainability risks (ie: specific and identifiable environment and/or social impacts regardless of size of expenditure)
  • We will ensure all key procurement decisions and actions are considered and determined by a cross-functional team of in-house specialists to ensure the most sustainable outcomes are achieved
  • Appropriate environmental and social requirements will be integrated into all procurement activities
  • As far as possible, products & supplier agreements will be evaluated to take into account the environmental and/or social impacts of a particular product or service over its whole-life cycle, and appropriate supplier sustainability performance assessment criteria and weightings will be used
  • We will adopt a pragmatic approach to encouraging and influencing our suppliers to improve their sustainability practice
  • Whilst this policy applies to all our suppliers, we will strive to ensure that it does not place unnecessary and over burdensome requirements on small to medium enterprises (SME), putting them at a disadvantage in doing business with us
  • We will ensure our customers get an appropriate choice of product, service and supply options
  • As required, we will establish performance agreements with our key strategis suppliers, monitor their progress over time, and provide them with regular and constructive feedback
  • As far as possible, we will conduct our procurement activities to support and deliver community benefits (e.g. recruitment of the long-term unemployed, skills development), and will work in partnership with other organisations to achieve this


  • All MHL offices and relevant members of staff have shared responsibility for integrating the provisions of this policy into their decision-making
  • We will review this policy and associated procedures on an annual basis and involve our suppliers in this process
  • We will verify, using external assessors, our performance against this policy whenever possible
  • We will monitor and report where appropriate the environmental and social outcomes achieved from the application of our policy across our operations
  • MHL is currently working towards accreditation to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

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