TRILUX Simplify Your Light represents the most simple and reliable path to customised, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. In the dynamic and ever more complex lighting market, customers are provided with optimal advice, ideal orientation and perfect light. To ensure this, TRILUX offers a wide portfolio of technologies as well as high-performance partners within the TRILUX Group, and unites single components to create custom-designed complete solutions – always perfectly matched to customer requirements and specific applications.

Quality of light has always had the highest priority at TRILUX. Products are continually updated and optimised, for example to avoid direct and indirect glare and to improve their natural colour rendering. Since the 1980’s Energy Efficiency has become increasingly important factor in all areas of life.

TRILUX concentrates its research and development with this in mind to optimise both energy consumption and lumen output.  TRILUX focuses on the responsible use of resources and making products user-friendly. This begins with making planning as simple as possible for lighting designers, and continues through to quick and uncomplicated installation and ease of maintenance.


We are proudly representing the world's leading lighting brands