Dark Sky Lighting

Developing Outdoor Lighting Solution with the Environment and Wildlife in mind.

Light pollution is one of the fastest growing pollutants in the world. At no other point in human history has the planet been this bright after the sun sets. While lighting is instrumental in making outdoor spaces usable, safe and welcoming after dark,  artificial lights affect us, and the environment around us, in many ways, including:

>> endangering ecosystems

>> altering biochemical/circadian rhythms

>> increasing greenhouse gases

>> losing connection to cultural heritage

Given the impact of lighting pollution, it’s now more important than ever that lighting designers, landscape architects and lighting engineers learn about the guidelines and best practices that ensure the negative impact on the environment, wildlife and humans is as minimal as possible.

The Beauty in Darkness – Reducing Light Pollution

Interior Lighting

At the end of August, we teamed up with WE-EF and the NZILA (NZ Institute of Landscape Architects) to host a webinar titled ‘The Beauty in the Darkness – Reducing Light Pollution’. You can now watch the recording of the webinar on our website

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Watch: ADSA Best Practice Lighting Principles

Exterior Lighting

In this video, the Australasian Dark Skye Alliance outlines the best practice lighting principles they developed to reduce light pollution. Watch the video to learn about what lighting you should use to avoid light pollution.

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ADSA Dark Sky Approved Luminaires

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA) has developed a programme to recognise manufacturers producing night sensitive lighting for their innovations and commitment to full cut-off, warm colour temperature and minimal lighting. Under this programme, luminaires are approved by independent assessors as those adhering to ADSA criteria.

At MHL, we are proud to supply products that have been approved across all three ADSA categories: Approved, Prized and Prized Wildlife. Our team can assist you in identifying the right dark sky lighting solutions that fit within your budgets and design constraints.

Here are two of the most popular light pollution reducing products we recommend.


With the new VFL540 LED streetlight, WE-EF offers future-proof and cost-efficient LED streetlighting that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

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The ADSA approved WE-EF PFL540 is a post-mounded luminaire made of marine-grade, die-cast aluminium alloy and 5CE superior corrosion protection including PCS hardware.

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