Hydro Aluminium Poles

Clean & Green, Durable, Lightweight, Elegant and Cost-Effective Aluminium Poles

Founded in 1905, Hydro is a fully vertically integrated aluminium company with 35,000 employees in 40 countries on all continents, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in Research & Development.

Hydro operates across the entire aluminium supply chain. The company is known for its focus on efficient manufacturing processes relying on clean energy – something that sets Hydro apart from most other suppliers of lighting poles. Hydro’s aluminium poles are made of at minimum 95% recycled aluminium. As a result, the poles are cost-effective, and the manufacturing process requires only about 5% of the energy that would be needed if manufactured from primary aluminium. The energy that is used is 100% from renewable sources, and at the end of their lifetime, Hydro Aluminium poles are 100% recyclable.

MHL has been supplying Hydro in New Zealand since 2012, with over 700 poles installed to date.

Aluminium vs Steel

Interior Lighting

Aluminium has many benefits when compared to steel, including being lighter, more corrosion-resistant and much more sustainable. Learn more about why you should choose aluminium for your poles.

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Hydro Pole Availability

Exterior Lighting

Hydro offer an extensive range of standard poles and customisations are also possible. We currently have the 6m and 8m Hydro tapered ground mount aluminium poles in stock here in New Zealand available for immediate dispatch. Other standard or custom poles are manufactured to customer order.

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Are you planning a project that requires poles?

We have been distributing the Hydro range of aluminium poles in New Zealand since 2012. In this time, we’ve supplied over 700 Hydro aluminium poles for private and public streets, parks and car parks all over New Zealand – including projects in severe coastal locations.

Talk to us about the benefits of aluminium poles and why we believe Hydro poles may be a better option for many projects. We can walk you through the different pole types available and design the best solution for your project.

We currently have AT (Auckland Transport) approved 6m and 8m tapered ground mounted Hydro aluminium poles in stock here in New Zealand for immediate delivery.

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Case Study: Wanaka Recreation Car Park

Bringing light to a Wanaka community area. MHL worked closely with Baxter Design Group of Queenstown and Cosgroves Electrical Engineers on this extensive project for the benefit of the greater Wanaka Community.

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Gallery: Devonport Wharf, Auckland

One of the first installations of Hydro aluminium poles can be found at Devonport Wharf in Auckland. Even after over five years in this harsh coastal location, the poles still look almost as good as they did on day one and are a great example of the durability and elegance of aluminium poles.

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