From now on, illuminating canopied outdoor areas is simple – the Limaro LED is weather-resistant and impact-resistant to ensure safe and reliable operation in tough outside conditions. Thanks to low investment and operating costs, the payback is exceedingly quick. It’s also very flexible: on request, the Limaro LED is available with intelligent sensor technology to illuminate only when light is needed, providing further savings. If the luminaire should replace an obsolete lighting system, luminous flux packages can be specified to enable the Limaro LED to replace existing luminaires 1:1. It couldn’t be more simple. Once replaced, failing luminaires are definitely a thing of the past because the Limaro LED can be depended on for generating reliably optimum light. And the design is another highlight – with its classically purist looks the Limaro LED blends equally well into indoor and outdoor areas, enabling uniform lighting concepts in and near to buildings. Summary: The Limaro LED is a surprisingly diverse and economic all-rounder.

Mounting location

Connected load (W)

  • 11 – 24

Weight (kg)

  • 0.8 – 1.4


More Details

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