Committed to a more sustainable tomorrow

At MHL we are passionate about delivering effective, efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions for commercial, public and private spaces with a high level of quality and professionalism.

We only work with products you can trust with leading-edge technical performance that stand the test of time. MHL’s team strives hard to bring you the most up-to-date technologies and design concepts from around the world in a sustainable way. We are committed to understanding and managing the environmental, economic, and social impacts of our operations, including those from the procurement of goods and services.

Our sustainability policy (view here) explains in more detail how MHL will integrate environmental and social considerations into our procurement, policies and practices. We recognise that improving our sustainability performance is an ongoing, continuous process and that our suppliers, both large and small, are important partners in our journey to become more sustainable.

Our Sustainability Vision

Be a market leading lighting supplier on our journey towards a transition to a sustainable, zero waste, circular economy within Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Sustainability Mission

Promote the most efficient and effective lighting products on the market in order to provide a comprehensive range of sustainable lighting solutions to our customers, because MHL understands that saving energy also means fewer GHG emissions.

We partner with sustainable brands

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the partnerships we form with suppliers. We prioritise lighting manufacturers who share our vision and uphold exemplary sustainable practices in material sourcing, manufacturing, waste management, innovation, and social responsibility – without sacrificing the quality, durability and design of the products.

Sustainability has been a topic close to the hearts of the Schréder family shareholders for generations and is strongly anchored in our company’s mission statement. In 2020, Austube Schréder formalised this commitment by launching “Together for our Future” project.

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WE-EF is committed to sustainability with measures that are immediately effective together with a long-term sustainability strategy and integrated management systems. Sustainability is an element of WE-EF's corporate mission and that of the entire Fagerhult Group.

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At TRILUX, environmental protection and the conservation of resources are firmly anchored into the organisation's DNA. TRILUX align the actions of their organisation to this in all core areas, and not only since measures against climate change have been demanded by law and society in general.

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Hydro want to contribute to creating a fair society and circular economy by producing responsibly, delivering circular solutions, making net-zero aluminium by 2050 or earlier, and producing and using more renewable energy.

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